Private parties, consults and studio days that are already booked in advance, do not appear in this agenda.


It is fine and every time a surprise when neighbors stand by the door with a package for me that was delivered to them. Spoil me, I might indulge you.
Or, what also happens sometimes: men who are afraid to contact me, even after all these kind words upon this website, they send me gifts. Not required, but highly appreciated.

I have been around, so there are very few, if any fetishes and fantasies that I don’t have experience with. You can consult me for almost anything BDSM (Though intimate sexual contact with me is always a NO) I will have nothing to do with: minors, animals and scat. I also often work with my Lady Friends and can schedule a Mistress Threesomes with you as the object or groups (m/f) that rapes you. I enjoy organizing fantasies like that.

Are you new to femdom and BDSM? Do you want to know how you can act out your hidden desires and fetishes?
I take you by the hand (or by your collar), take you to a short trip trough my world and describe the most common terms to you:

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