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It is fine and every time a surprise when neighbors stand by the door with a package for me that was delivered to them. Spoil me, I might indulge you.
Or, what also happens sometimes: men who are afraid to contact me, even after all these kind words upon this website, they send me gifts. Not required, but highly appreciated.

an uncontrollable desire
to be brutally taken,
you crave for hellish pain,
devilish butterflies
that eat you from the inside
just by thinking about
bittersweet female humiliation, or,
total fixation of your body
while you're completely at a Woman’s mercy.

Do you dream of this? Or did you ever experienced something like this and it controls your daily life ever since? Welcome to my site, welcome to my world.

Perhaps you've heard of me with my more than a decade of experience with men like you. (Also couples in any kind of BDSM configuration appreciate my services.) I'm just as much a physical Mistress as a Mind fucker.
Obviously I'll appear to you in full uniform – latex or lingerie.
My interest in people like you is rather wide. Not to mention our mutual murky depths once I’ll have my way with you. Hence Dominatrix, which includes for me more than being a Mistress.

You are invited to this site which I actually made myself. Or contact me, do not be afraid. The contact phase is your safe heaven. After all, I have got to know you first. And... I look forward to that!

Dominatrix Lisa

I will be visiting London again in march:
I will be there from 14 until 17/03.

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