Private parties, consults and studio days that are already booked in advance, do not appear in this agenda.


It is fine and every time a surprise when neighbors stand by the door with a package for me that was delivered to them. Spoil me, I might indulge you.
Or, what also happens sometimes: men who are afraid to contact me, even after all these kind words upon this website, they send me gifts. Not required, but highly appreciated.

My regular spot in Antwerp:

SM-Studio Antwerpen

Waelrantstraat 3

2020 Antwerpen (Belgium)

Mobile: +32 489 383 979

Mobile UK: +44 7425 766 373

For sessions of min. 2 hour reservations are also possible
at Studio Chelsea in Rotterdam or Almere.

All reservations are possible by email:
Or make it easy on yourself and use the Contact Form.

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