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It is fine and every time a surprise when neighbors stand by the door with a package for me that was delivered to them. Spoil me, I might indulge you.
Or, what also happens sometimes: men who are afraid to contact me, even after all these kind words upon this website, they send me gifts. Not required, but highly appreciated.

There is nothing as exotic as a woman with the looks to match her sexy and deviant mind. If you are looking for a stunningly beautiful Domina with a very kinky side then you found her. My name is dominantrix Lisa and I am here to make you do things you never knew you wanted too. I was born in Turkey but did my first steps in the world of Dominance while residing in Germany. My slender feminine figure will be the first thing that captures your interest, but my art of knowing how to control a man will be what makes you beg for my acceptance. I will have you crawling on your knees for the honor of worshiping my perfect feet and body.

Whether I am dressed in latex or lingerie, make no mistake; I am your Goddess. My mesmerizing beauty will have you giving up inhibitions you came in the door with. I can be caring or cruel, depending on how I feel you deserve to be treated. My legs will make you stop dead and ask how you may submit to me. Once you catch a glimpse of my eyes as I smile deviantly in your direction you will wonder why you ever found another female worthy of your time.

I have been around, so there are very few -if any- fetishes and fantasies that I don’t have experience with. You can consult me for almost anything BDSM (Though intimate sexual contact with me will always be a NO). The other big rule: I will have nothing to do with minors and animals!

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